Close fast. Close Smart.

Charging Your Seller an Escrow Fee is so Yesterday.

PRINCIPAL is rolling out the red carpet for accomplished and experienced homeowners, offering our clients
the most cost effective settlement service program we affectionately call CloseSmart I No Seller Escrow

Full Service Without Sacrifice saving our clients on average $3,250 per closing.


Hiring a top-tier agent is crucial when selling your home. Choosing your closing services before you accept an offer is equally as important to avoid unnecessary fees and penalties.

Principal is a technology-powered multi-state settlement services company. We represent people selling homes throughout the United States. Our strategy is simple. In a commission-driven industry, we put the customer first by:

  • With convenient closing options; our staff works with you electronically via email, text and phone eliminating the need to come to us.
  • Eliminate all the middlemen that drive up costs.
  • Direct to consumer marketing allows us to bend the cost curve and pass those savings on to our clients.
  • Principal uses a wide range of next-generation technologies. The result is a closing experience that is faster and costs less.

It’s Your Choice. Who you choose for your closing services is crucial to avoiding costly delays or missed deadlines that can cost you thousands of dollars or escrow cancellations. Principal is a National Settlement Service Agency with an A+ service rating and a 92% Net Promoter Score.

We have a Net Promoter Score of 92%.

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