PRINCIPAL Escrow’s CloseSmart service revolutionizes the settlement process.

October 25, 2017 | PRINCIPAL Escrow News Center

Orange County, CA. PRINCIPAL once again solidifies itself that the innovation leader in real estate transactional settlement with the launch of the company’s new CloseSmart™ services that is proving to be an invaluable program for Residential Home Sellers and Client Advocates alike.

“Accomplished and experienced homeowners are expecting more in the digitalization of real estate services. We understand the need to assist our agency partners and homeowners with services that bend the cost curve and increase the value proposition to be more competitive in the new economy,” said Bill Senteno Direct of Business Development.

Born out the industry of serving enterprise lenders, Principal had to adopt the principals of lean manufacturing and technology in order to meet the margin demands and service level agreements required to work with high output fulfillment centers. With a mandate to create better, faster and more cost effective services for our enterprise clients allowed us to develop the idea for CloseSmart™. “We learned early on that systems, not just people build great companies,’ said John Lynch CEO & Co-Founder. “Systemize the routine and humanize the exceptions”.

Our CloseSmart™ Program has zero cost to the seller when the seller is controlling the escrow services. This definitive savings to the bottom line allows the seller to protect more their home equity and improves the value of services provided by our Agency Partners. Principal has determined that our Agency partners have seen a 38% increase in their number of listings; and 52% increase in their number of referrals after adopting the CloseSmart™ program into their business model.

Charging Your Seller an Escrow Fee is so Yesterday. CloseSmart™ is Reimagining How People Transact Real Estate.

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PRINCIPAL ESCROW is a technology-powered national settlement services company. The strategy is simple: To make the transaction of real estate commerce as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. To provide accurate and transparent information, skilled analysis and professional real estate solution services; while constantly exploring new ideas and technology, to make the commerce of real property faster, less costly, and easier.

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